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Make your business resilient to the unexpected

Reliable finance available for when you need it

Use your overdraft facility to build a resilient business. Our short-term finance is there for you always and for when you need it. This means you only pay for what and when you use your overdraft. There are no arrangement fees and no hidden charges. Just peace of mind that your business is covered when and if you need extra funds.

Pay for
usage only

Pay for what
you overdraw

No setup

No charges if you
never overdraw

Change overdraft at any time

Quick and easy process
to change overdraft

Extend for
more funds

Reduce for
less funds

Once approved immediate access



Receive Funds
Within 24hrs

Free initial

Advice in
your language

Finance that meets
your businesses goals

Speak to someone
today and immediately

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Frequently asked questrions

1Do I need to pay for my overdraft facility if I never use it?
No, you will only be charged for when you use your overdraft and for the time period you need the extra cash. Simply put, if you never used your overdraft, it would not cost you a single penny.
2How can I arrange an overdraft facility?
You can start today by calling up one of our consultants who will assess your situation. During the phone call, we will need an understanding of your financial history before we can take your application further. Once we’ve approved you for an overdraft we will then look to arrange your facility for you within the week.
3Why should I choose Financial Brokers for my finance?
We treat your business like it’s an individual person, with unique characteristics and needs. We look to understand your business strategy and what finance product is best suited to help you fulfill your goals. Sometimes you may have a finance product in mind, but through consultation with Financial Brokers, you may find a different or even a blended finance product would suit you best. Lastly, because we’re an independent we can remain unbiased to any one product. Meaning, we will always prescribe a finance product which is best for you and your businesses needs.

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