Invoice factoring — Financial Brokers

Raise working capital without taking on more debt

Release up to 100% of your invoices value & boost your cash flow immediately

Use invoice finance to get paid quickly and improve your businesses cash flow. Chose from invoice discounting if you would like to release the value of all your invoices automatically & upfront. Or use invoice factoring if you’d like to select individual invoices to finance.


Release value
of all invoices

We get paid once
your supplier pays you

Substantially improve
your cash flow


Release value of
specific invoices

We get paid once your
supplier pays you

Boost your
cash flow


Lend against
foreign invoices

Full value of
invoices released

Reduce your
debtor days


No additional

Small percentage
taken from invoice

Lower risk
of lending

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Frequently asked questrions

1What is invoice finance?
Invoice finance is either a short term or ongoing facility where we pay you for your unpaid invoices up front. We will then collect the full value of your invoice once it has been paid to you by your supply chain.
2Why would I use invoice finance?
Invoice finance is a great way to boost your own cash flow, without necessarily taking on more debt. Invoice finance also helps reduce your debtor days substantially.
3Why should I choose Financial Brokers for my finance?
We treat your business like it’s an individual person, with unique characteristics and needs. We look to understand your business strategy and what finance product is best suited to help you fulfill your goals. Sometimes you may have a finance product in mind, but through consultation with Financial Brokers, you may find a different or even a blended finance product would suit you best. Lastly, because we’re an independent we can remain unbiased to any one product. Meaning, we will always prescribe a finance product which is best for you and your businesses needs.
4Why should I choose Financial Brokers for my finance?
Once approved for finance you can receive funds within days.
5Does my credit rating affect my ability to get invoice finance?
No, simply when approving you for finance we look at your balance sheet and use this to base our decisions for approval.

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