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Fulfill your mortgage repayments should adversity strike

Protect your home from repossession, missed payments & the unpredictable

A home means a lot to many people. Pride, security, and family come to mind. Should the inevitable happen and you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you can’t keep up with your commitments to the bank. Legally speaking they’re allowed to repossess your home. Mortgage protection insurance shields you from this outcome. Immediately stepping up and fulfilling all your commitments until you’re in a better position to start providing again.

Critical illnesses cover

Fully covered should you become too ill to work

Lump sum tax free cash to cover mortgage

Feel assured that you can keep up with your commitments


Protection should you
be made redundant

Policy covers cost of mortgage while you’re out of work

Covered for
up to 12 months

Self-employed cover

Safe guarded should
business dry up

Cover cost of mortgage payments through low periods

Covered for
up to 12 months

Extended coverage

Pay extra to be covered for up to 24 months

Allows you maximum time to get back on your feet

Useful for niche careers or self-employed

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Frequently asked questrions

1What is mortgage protection insurance?
Mortgage protection insurance is designed to cover the costs of your mortgage payments in the event of an accident, a sickness or unemployment occurs.
2What does mortgage protection insurance cover?
Standard policies cover the monthly cost of your mortgage payment for the period of time you’re unable to work.
3Will you cover self-employed people?
Yes, self-employed people can receive mortgage protection insurance.

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