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Sustain your quality of life & continue providing for your family

Feel relaxed knowing you will be cared for & can provide for your family should something out of your control threaten your way of living

Personal protection insurance is a small fee to pay to secure your future. We don’t necessarily like thinking about inevitabilities, but personal protection insurance is there to put your worries to rest. Income protection guarantees you’ll have a monthly income, should you be unfit for work. Life insurance pays your family a tax free lump sum in the event of your death. Critical Illness insurance helps you pay your ongoing commitments such as mortgage payments and bills should your health be jeopardized.


Replace part
of your income

Assurance from
illnesses & inability to work

Continued payment until you can work again


Lump sum paid
out on your demise

Helps to continue providing for your family

Helps benefactors with any unforeseen payments


Lump sum paid
out immediately

Helps with
ongoing payments

Protection from
the unforeseen

Bespoke agreement

Policy built
around your needs

Policy built around
your needs

Only pay for what
you need covering

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Frequently asked questrions

1What is personal protection insurance?
Personal protection insurance is referring to multiple different policies which seek to protect your income and way of living should anything happen to you. This includes critical illness, income protection and life insurance.
2What does personal protection insurance cover?
Personal protection insurance covers accidents and sickness only, unemployment only.
3What does critical illness cover?
Unlike personal protection insurance which pays out monthly to cover your monthly ongoing expenses. Critical illness will pay out a lump sum that's specifically written into your policy should you be unable to work.
4What is life insurance?
Life insurance promises to pay your benefactors a lump sum should you die.
5Can I get personal protection insurance if I’m self employed?
Yes, self-employed are entitled to personal protection insurance.
6What policies should I choose in my personal protection insurance?
This is dependent on a number of things. How much or how little cover you’d like, pre-existing conditions, how long you would seek to have cover for. Due to this, we recommend contacting us today to discuss this further. Our consultants will seek to understand your needs and offer free advice on the best policy for your circumstances.

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