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Make your business stronger with business protection

Policies that help keep your business moving forward should disaster strike

We insure our cars, our homes and our pets, so why not our businesses too? Business protection aims to give your business the funds it needs should a disaster strike.

A key employee leaves, a director dies or becomes ill, and profits could begin to head in the wrong direction. All possibilities are experienced by thousands of business owners worldwide and are often out of their control. Business protection insurance aims to alleviate these worries by providing you with a policy that will take care of your business should anything bad happen.

Key person

Protection from
death & illness

Lump sum
paid out fast

Stops your business
from being grounded

Business loan

Pay off all
existing debt

Payment on death
or serious illness

Reduces business
risk & increase resilience

Share purchase

Clause that allows
the purchase of shares

Useful should a director
become too ill to work

Enables the company
to fall into the right hands


Cover the cost of
purchasing shares

Payment on death
or serious illness

Protects directors and
businesses cash flow

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Frequently asked questrions

1What is key person protection?
Key person protection will insure against the financial losses should a key employee or director dies, or becomes seriously ill. This pays out a lump sum providing your business with the funds it needs to keep on growing
2What is business loan protection?
Should a business owner take out any finance, such as a business loan, a mortgage or a directors loan. Then becomes ill, or dies. Business loan protection pays off the businesses outstanding debts.
3What is share purchase protection?
Share protection purchase allows all remaining shareholders to purchase the shares from existing shareholders, who may have been struck by a terminal illness or death.
4What is partnership protection?
Partnership protection is used should a business owner wish to purchase the shares of an existing partner, should they fall ill or die. While the business or other partner doesn’t have the available funds to buy said shares.

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