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Europia is very proud to launch a new initiative. An initiative which aims to honour, recognise and celebrate the successes of the European women living in Greater Manchester. It is the
“1st Europia Women’s Awards”.


Europia will be valued, widely recognised and well-networked across Greater Manchester, the UK and across Europe. We will be known for helping people in need and empowering them to reach their potential, also will be a space for conversation for all communities, enable cultural initiatives and enrich Manchester’s diverse cultural life. We will have the capacity to deliver its services with well-qualified staff and great volunteer and We will be fully funded and sustainable with a diverse income. All people will be socially and financially included, embracing, sharing and interacting confidently in a multicultural society. People will have improved health, skills, work and life prospects. People will be aware of their rights and responsibilities and how to secure and fulfil them. European Expats will have a strong personal, social and cultural identity and self-esteem.


Empower, Support, Train and Represent European Expats in Greater Manchester to prosper in their communities.


Integrity, respect, inclusion for all people, tolerance, creativity, innovation, flexibility, creditibility, trustwworthiness, solidarity, openness, courage, celebrating diversit.

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Why Financial Brokers
support Europia?

  • The positive approach to problems same as FB governance policies.
  • Common goals to make a smile on people's faces
  • Manchester-based charity not far based from FB Head Office
  • MD of FB proudly working as Head Trustee of Europia dividing his time and efforts
  • English
  • Polish