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Remortgaging can be a smart way to save money. It’s also a useful facility for your renovations and an easy way to release equity when needed. Some people even wish to incorporate terms where they can miss a payment here and there. As no one size fits all, we patiently listen to your case before recommending you to a financial partner that serves your best interests.


Cheaper rates
than credit cards

Multiple credit facilities
into one payment

Extra cash freed up
to help finances



Kitchen, loft and
property extensions

Cover costs of material
goods and builders

up equity

Use the extra cash
to fund a business

Buy luxury
goods and cars

Use cash for strong investments
with greater returns


Pay off existing
mortgage early

Make use of
cheaper market rates

Extend your mortgage terms but
decrease monthly repayments

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Frequently asked questrions

1Why should I remortgage?
A remortgage can often help you to reduce your overall loan size. Many people also chose to remortgage because they’d prefer to switch from an interest only to a repayment mortgage. While others use remortgaging as a way to release equity from your home to pay for renovations.
2What is a remortgage?
A remortgage is where you take out a new mortgage against your existing property to replace your existing mortgage or to borrow money against your property.
3How do I remortgage my property?
Work out how much you can afford to pay. Then find out what additional costs you may have to pay such as early repayment charges. With this information in hand it is then time to seek a new mortgage. You can do so by calling us today and we will work with you to find a mortgage that is suitable for you.

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